I have lived at  Timothy Court Apartments on 1111 Westfield Street in West Springfield  since 1971. It has always been a very safe and quiet complex. The  maintenance department is very trustworthy and helpful when I need some  thing repaired. The grounds are kept nice and clean and updated. Sincerely, K.K.

 I have lived in two of the apartments at Timothy Court since 1982. They have both been very well cared for  and maintained. All of my needs have been addressed in a conscientious,  thorough and exceptionally friendly manner. Conveniently located, I have  enjoyed living here very much and hope to continue doing so as long as I  am able. G.B. 

I have been living here at the Timothy Court  Apartments for six happy years. The management here is very good and  they take care and keep the apartments and property clean and neat at  all times. The apartments are conveniently located and have easy access  to stores, like Food Bag for gas and groceries and there are restaurants  of all kinds. B.B. 

I have lived here at Timothy Court for three  years. When I moved in, it was freshly painted, very clean and well  maintained. The exterior is also well maintained and well lit. The rent is very  reasonable. Heat, hot water and electric are included. I am elderly and  on a fixed income which makes it very affordable. When I call the  office with any issues or repairs they are handled promptly and  professionally. Overall, I feel safe and secure here. It is a nice place  to live. J.B.

 I have resided at the Timothy Court  Apartment Complex for almost five years now since moving from the Boston  area upon retirement. Upon checking out different apartment complexes,  my gut instinct told me that the Timothy Court Apartments would be the best  choice. Living here has born out my instinct 100%. I simply cannot  say enough about the quality of the management staff here. I have found  the Office Manager to be a very fair and reasonable in all respects. The  Maintenance Manager is outstanding at his job. What else can I say? I  could not have chosen a better place. ”Res ipsa loquitur” as an old  Latin idiom says, “The thing speaks for itself”. A.Z.